April will forever be remembered for the infamous Windrush scandal. Immigrants from the “Windrush” generation were erroneously threatened with deportation. The Windrush generation were people invited from the commonwealth, mainly the Caribbean, to help rebuild the country after WW2. Those who arrived by 1973 were granted an automatic right to remain. Immigrants’ landing cards had actually been destroyed between 2009-10 as part of a governmental plan to dispose of paper documents in general. As a result, immigrants who lived here all their lives, had no documents to prove their immigration status and were now threatened with deportation. Many argued that the government’s “hostile” immigration policy caused the problem.

This scandal culminated in the resignation of the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. She was supposedly unaware of deportation targets that existed within her department. She initially denied the existence of targets but a leak showed that targets were prevalent within the Home Office. She resigned shortly after the leak.

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