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Commercial Awareness Quiz - February 2022

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Which one of these popular online games was bought by the New York Times for over $1 million?

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M&S settled its trademark dispute with one of these supermarkets over its Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake. M&S had claimed this cake was too similar to its own Colin the Caterpillar cake. Which supermarket was it?

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The Bank of England raised interest rates in February, marking the first back-to-back rate increase since 2004.  What did they raise interest rates to?

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Which one of these cryptocurrency exchanges bought a $200 million stake in business magazine Forbes?

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Which of these social media platforms was sued over unfair terms and conditions in the UK as part of a £2.2 billion lawsuit?

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Which of these conglomerates cancelled its proposed of sale of UK chip maker ARM to Nvidia? The $66 billion deal was plagued by regulatory issues.

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Which one of these sportswear retailers was fined £4.3 million for breaching merger rules regarding its proposed £90 million takeover of Footasylum?

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Which of these platforms settled its dispute with Visa? This platform had initially planned to block Visa credit cards in the UK due to high fees. The platform reversed this decision after a deal was reached with Visa.

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One of these logistics companies lost a $2 billion lawsuit against the EU. The EU blocked their proposed $5.9 billion takeover of TNT in 2013 and this company sued for damages. Which company was it?

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Which former US president launched his own social media platform, Truth Social, in February?

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