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Commercial Awareness Quiz - March 2022

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The Russia-Ukraine war dominated headlines in March. Numerous companies halted business in Russia in condemnation of the war. One supermarket went a step further, changing the name of its chicken kievs to chicken Kyiv, in solidarity with Ukraine. Which supermarket was it?

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Which of these measures was not in the Spring Statement announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak?

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Which one of these football clubs was thrown into crisis as its owner, Roman Abramovich, was sanctioned by the UK government due to his links to Vladimir Putin? A sale of the club is currently in progress.

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Which one of these ride hailing apps announced it would host New York's yellow taxis on its platform?

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The Bank of England raised rates in March, marking the third consecutive meeting in which the MPC raised rates. What were rates raised to?

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P&O Ferries sacked 800 staff without notice in March. When questioned by MPs about the company's actions, CEO Peter Hebblethwaite....

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CVC Capital bought a €1.5 billion stake in one of these football leagues' media rights business. Which league was it?

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The UK government sold off £1.2 billion worth of shares in one of these banks, taking the bank out of majority public ownership. This bank was bailed out by the government during the 2008 financial crisis. Which bank was it?

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Which one of these tech firms finalised its $8.45 billion acquisition of MGM Studios in March?

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One of these sportswear companies is cutting ties with third party retailers. The company will stop selling in Footlocker for example, despite this brand accounting for 75% of Footlocker's business in 2020. Which company is it?

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