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Commercial Awareness Quiz - April 2022

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Which one of these fast fashion companies reached a huge $100 billion valuation in April?

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Which of these tech companies launched its appeal against the UK Competition and Market Authority’s decision to block its acquisition of GIF platform Giphy?

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Which one of these public service broadcasters is being privatised by the UK government?

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One of these dating sites won its lawsuit against Muslim matchmaking app, Muzmatch, for infringing on its trademark. Which dating site won the lawsuit?

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Which social media platform did Elon Musk agree to buy for $44 billion?

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UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that the government plans to make the UK a global crypto hub. Which of these measures was NOT announced?

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Which of these countries defaulted on its $51 billion foreign debt in April?

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One of these sports bodies launched its own free streaming service in April. The service will host 40,000 games of this sport along with archive footage and documentaries. Which one of these sports bodies was it?

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Which one of these tech companies was forced to recognise a union in the US?

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The UK introduced no fault divorces in April, meaning blame no longer has to be assigned to obtain a divorce. Which of these reasons was NOT a permissible reason for divorce under the previous laws?

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