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Commercial Awareness Quiz - June 2022

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Walgreens abandoned its £5 billion sale of its UK subsidiary in June. Which company was it?

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Frasers Group bought one of these struggling fashion brands out of administration for £20 million in June. Which one was it?

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Which one of these law firms shelved plans for an IPO in June due to market volatility? 

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The UK government unveiled the Data Reform Bill set to replace the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Which of these is a proposal under the bill? 

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Twitter announced that it would meet Musk’s demand in June. Musk had threatened to walk away from the $44 billion deal if this demand was not met. What was Musk’s demand?

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One of these smartphone makers is facing a $940m lawsuit over intentionally slowing down older models of its phones. Which one was it?

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The biggest story in the US in June was the Supreme Court decision to overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade judgement. What is the implication of this latest decision of the Supreme Court?

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In June, legal aid barristers voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action. Why did they vote to strike?

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Which one of these streaming giants announced that it would cut 300 jobs due to a decline in subscriber numbers?

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The Bank of England hiked interest rates for the fifth consecutive meeting. What did the Bank raise rates to?

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