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Commercial Awareness Quiz - July 2022

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Which one of these firms sold off 75% of its stake in Bitcoin in July?

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Which of these airlines introduced a 100,000 per day passenger cap? This required airlines to cancel tickets that had already been sold.

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The European Union has agreed new rules to regulate cryptocurrency markets. The regulation will be called Markets in Crypto-Assets, MiCA. Who will it primarily regulate?

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Why did Elon Musk decide to pull out of the $44 billion takeover of Twitter?

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Which one of these payment processors was found to have forged client data to secure €900 million in investment from SoftBank?

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Which of these banks is facing an £800m lawsuit as customers claim they are trapped in high interest rate mortgages? These mortgages were originally Northern Rock mortgages which were bought by this bank in 2008.

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In July, a huge leak of confidential documents showed that a ride hailing firm used shady tactics to avoid investigations and even got secret support from global leaders. Which firm was it?

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Netflix announced it would be introducing a new subscription plan which features adverts. Which tech firm is partnering with Netflix to help deliver their ads?

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One of these currencies fell below the dollar for the first time since 2002. Which currency was it? Investors have been concerned about slow decisions by the relevant central bank along with gas supply issues due to the war in Ukraine.

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Which one of these social media platforms U-turned on plans to make itself more video-focused? Influencers and celebrities criticised this platform for trying to be too similar to TikTok.

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