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Commercial Awareness Quiz - August 2022

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Crypto exchanges Binance, Kraken, Bittylicious and Shapeshift were sued over their decisions to remove the BSV cryptocurrency. On what grounds were they sued?

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Boutique retailer, House of Zana, won a trademark dispute against one of these retail giants. Which one was it?

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Which of these professions and members of their respective unions did NOT vote to take strike action in August?

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Which of these fitness equipment companies struck a deal to sell its products on Amazon?

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One of these supermarkets announced that it will sell its petrol forecourt business to Asda for £600 million. Which supermarket was it?

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Which one of these social media sites disclosed details of their algorithms to the Chinese government for the first time in August? The Chinese government published descriptions of the algorithms, reportedly as a means to limit data abuse.

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Which one of these tech giants purchased iRobot, the maker of the Roomba vacuum cleaner, for $1.7 billion?

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Which one of these streaming sites dethroned Netflix to become the world’s largest streaming site with 221 million subscribers?

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Which one of these retailers sold Footasylum for a £50m loss after the Competition and Markets Authority ordered these companies to split?

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The Bank of England increased interest rates again in August, what were they increased to?

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