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Commercial Awareness Quiz - October 2022

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One of these rappers bought right wing social media site Parler for an undisclosed sum. Who was it?

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Which of these luxury car makers launched its IPO in October? The luxury car manufacturer was valued at €84 billion, more than its former parent company, Volkswagen.

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Which of these streaming sites unveiled a new ads-based subscription plan in October?

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Drivers of a ride-hailing app launched a group action lawsuit in October over their workers’ rights. They claim they have been wrongly classified as self-employed contractors rather than workers and should have received employment rights. Which app is being sued?

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Which of these smartphone makers was fined $19 million in Brazil for selling their phones without a charger?

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Which one of these energy drink companies lost a trademark dispute against gin maker Bullards?

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Criminal barristers agreed to a new legal aid deal after a period of strike action. This will see their fees for most legal aid work increase. How much will their fees increase by?

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Which of these energy companies bought collapsed supplier Bulb out of special administration?

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Meta was ordered to unwind its $400 million acquisition of one of these companies in October. Which one was it?

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Elon Musk completed his $44 billion takeover of Twitter in October. Which of these measures was NOT taken by Musk in his first week as owner?

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