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Commercial Awareness Quiz - November 2022

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Which one of these furniture retailers collapsed into administration in November?

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The world's second largest cryptocurrency exchange collapsed in November after a huge scandal about the company emerged. Which exchange was it?

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Elon Musk’s changes at Twitter continued throughout November. Which one of these measures was NOT introduced?

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French cosmetic giant Estee Lauder bought one of these luxury fashion brands for $2.8 billion. Which brand was it?

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Which one of these social media giants announced plans to cut 11,000 jobs due to a bleak financial outlook?

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Which one of these automakers unveiled a new subscription plan for increased acceleration? Drivers of some US models will need to pay $1200 annually to see their cars accelerate from 0-60mph faster by one second.

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Which one of these measures was NOT announced in Jeremy Hunt's first budget as Chancellor?

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The owners of one of these English football clubs announced they were exploring putting the club up for sale. Which club was it?

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Which one of these European cities overtook London in terms of stock exchange value in November? Shares on this exchange have risen to a value of $2.823 trillion.

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The Bank of England raised interest rates yet again in November. What did rates rise to?

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