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Commercial Awareness Quiz - January 2023

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Which of these tech firms avoided job cuts as its CEO Tim Cook took a $35 million pay cut?

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Plans to privatise one of these UK TV stations were scrapped in January. Which station was it?

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Which one of these cryptocurrency exchanges settled a money laundering investigation for $100 million? This exchange launched its IPO in 2021.

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Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has scrapped plans to merge News Corp and one of these media organisations. Which organisation was it?

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Amid a series of job cuts in tech, one social media site is facing legal action over a "sham” redundancy process. UK staff were locked out of the offices and systems following the $44 billion takeover of the platform. Which platform is it?

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Which of these sportswear retailers lost a legal battle to prevent Thom Browne Inc from using a four-stripe design on its products?

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Which one of these tech giants agreed to invest billions in ChatGPT?

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The UK government announced plans to introduce minimum service levels for a number of key public services to minimise the impact of strikes. Which sector was NOT included in the plans?

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Which of these retailers announced that it would splash £500 million on new UK investment? This will include new stores and refurbishing existing stores.

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Elon Musk was sued by Tesla investors and it was announced in January that he would face trial. Why did they sue him?

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