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Commercial Awareness Quiz - February 2023

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The Bank of England raised interest rates again in February. What were rates hiked to?

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A banking boss from one of these countries submitted a bid to take over Manchester United. Which country was he from?

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The owner of Vogue, Conde Naste, settled a trademark infringement lawsuit against two rappers. Which rappers were they?

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Which of these automakers appeared in a UK court for the first time in February over the diesel-gate scandal?

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One of these regional airlines revealed that it was to be wound down in February after failing to find a buyer. Which one was it?

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Rishi Sunak secured a new Brexit deal with the EU providing solutions to the problems with the Northern Ireland protocol. What was one of the main solutions?

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Which one of these law firms introduced AI chatbot "Harvey" to help lawyers boost their efficiency?

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The CMA revealed its provisional findings into one of these tech giants' $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard. It found that the deal could harm competition and reduce choice for consumers. Which tech giant was it?

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One of these stationery stores collapsed into administration in February but its intellectual property was swiftly snapped up by Tesco. Which one was it?

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Which one of these football clubs was hit with 100 charges by the Premier League in February relating to breaches of financial fair play rules?

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