How well did you keep up with March’s business news? Test yourself with our commercial awareness quiz!

Commercial Awareness Quiz - March 2023

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The Bank of England increased interest rates again in March. What did rates increase to?

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Which of these banks rescued Credit Suisse in March after its dramatic collapse?

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The UK Competition & Markets Authority softened its stance on Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of one of these companies. It no longer believes that the deal will substantially lessen competition in the sector. Which company was it?

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The UK agreed to join an Asian & Pacific trade pact in March. What pact did the UK agree to join?

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Which of these countries banned government employees from using TikTok due to privacy concerns?

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Which of these US banks did NOT collapse in March?

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The UK Competition & Markets Authority raised concerns about one of these supermarkets’ plans to buy 132 Co-op petrol stations. Which supermarket was it?

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Which of these measures was NOT announced in Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget?

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Goldman Sachs tabled a bid to buy one of these sandwich chains after it put itself up for sale. This chain could be valued at up to $10 billion. Which chain was it?

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The CEO of one of these social media apps was grilled by US lawmakers in March over privacy and security concerns. Which social media site was it? 

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