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Commercial Awareness Quiz - April 2023

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The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by one of these tech giants was blocked in April. Which tech giant was it?

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Which of these luxury fashion conglomerates became the first to reach a $500bn valuation after its share price surged?

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Which business lobby went into meltdown after allegations of sexual harassment at the organisation came to light? Numerous large member organisations such as Asda, BT and BMW all suspended or withdrew their membership following the news.

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Which of these media organisations agreed to pay $787m to Dominion Voting Systems to settle a defamation case? This organisation falsely accused Dominion of swaying the 2020 US election results in favour of Joe Biden with its voting machines. 

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The global wrestling organisation World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) agreed to merge with the parent company of one of these organisations in a huge $21 billion deal. Which one was it?

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Which one of these auditors scrapped plans to split its audit and consultancy businesses globally after partners in its US office rejected the proposals? 

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The government unveiled a white paper which proposes the largest changes to the gambling sector since 2005. Which of these measures was NOT proposed?

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Which one of these consumer goods giants agreed to pay $9 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits alleging their talc-based products cause cancer? Over 40,000 lawsuits in North America have been lodged against this company.

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Which of these countries banned AI chatbot ChatGPT over privacy concerns?

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Which supermarket won a trademark lawsuit against Tesco over its Clubcard logo? 

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