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Commercial Awareness Quiz - June 2023

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The Bank of England hiked interest rates again in June. What were rates raised to?

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Which of these banks finalised its takeover of Credit Suisse for $3.2 billion?

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The PGA Tour and DP World Tour agreed to merge with the Public Investment Fund of one of these sovereign nations. This follows the fund’s bankrolling of the new LIV Golf tournament . Which country’s investment fund is it?

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Which of these banks settled a lawsuit for $290 million for allegedly facilitating the late Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operations? This settlement avoided the case going to trial.

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued two cryptocurrency exchanges in June over potential regulatory and legal breaches. Which exchanges were sued?

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Revolution Beauty had a chaotic month after its biggest shareholder sought to oust its leadership. The biggest shareholder is one of these fashion brands. Which one is it?

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Which of these tech giants secured approval from the CMA to acquire iRobot for $1.7 billion? iRobot produces the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba.

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The US Supreme Court blocked one of Joe Biden’s key campaign promises. They ruled that the executive did not have the authority to do this action. What action was blocked by the Court?

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In June, CK Hutchinson, the owner of Three Mobile, agreed to merge with one of these mobile network operators. Which one was it?

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Which of these supermarkets secured an injunction to stop Tesco using its Clubcard Prices logo amid a trademark infringement dispute?

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