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Commercial Awareness Quiz - July 2023

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Elon Musk changed the name of Twitter as part of plans to turn it into an "everything app". What was the name changed to?

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Which one of these fashion retailers was sued by independent fashion designers over allegations of “egregious” copyright infringements that constituted racketeering?

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Which of these tech giants challenged the EU's Digital Services Act?

The Digital Services Act introduces new rules for tech firms with online platforms to follow. This tech firm said it should not be subject to the rules.

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The UK Supreme Court found that litigation funding deals constitute damage based agreements (DBAs). What was the impact of this finding on litigation funding deals?

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The government of one of these countries pulled all of its ads off Meta platforms in July. Which one was it? This was in response to Meta's decision to restrict news access for residents of this country due to their Online News Act.

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Alison Rose, the former CEO of one of these banks resigned in July. This was due to the Bank's subsidiary, Coutts, closing Nigel Farage’s bank account for political reasons.

Which bank was it?



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Which of these tech firms is being sued by app developers for up to £1 billion for charging excessive in-app sales fees?

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In July, what did a US judge rule regarding the FTC’s request to block Microsoft's $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard?

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Which of these utility companies secured a £750 million cash injection to save itself from collapse?

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Which of these social media giants released "Threads' in July, a platform similar to Twitter?

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