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Commercial Awareness Quiz - September 2023

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In September, the Bank of England kept interest rates steady for the first time in 14 meetings. What were interest rates kept at?

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There have been strikes all over the world as inflation rises. An industrial dispute among one of these groups of workers came to an end in September after a deal was reached. Which group was it?

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Which of these fast fashion brands sued Temu for allegedly stealing images from their website?

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Which of these investment banks settled a lawsuit with the US Virgin Islands over its relationship with disgraced sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein? The bank paid out $75 million to settle allegations that it was aware of and facilitated Epstein’s operations.

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Which of these companies became Europe’s most valuable company reaching a $428 billion market capitalisation?

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Which of these UK based tech giants launched its IPO on NASDAQ in September? This company is still majority owned by Japanese investment bank SoftBank.

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Regulators from one of these regions are seeking to block the $69bn Microsoft - Activision Blizzard takeover deal, despite already having its initial attempt rejected by domestic courts. Which regulator was it?

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Which of these high street retailers closed its stores in September after failing to find a buyer?

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In September, one of these major city councils effectively fell into bankruptcy. The council issued a section 114 notice. Which one was it?

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Rishi Sunak announced a delay to the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles. When has the ban been delayed until?

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