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Commercial Awareness Quiz - October 2023

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One of these billionaires bought a 25% stake in Manchester United Football Club for £1.3 billion. Who was it?

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An increase to the national living wage was announced in October. What was it raised to?

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Which of these social media platforms announced plans to trial a charge for all users to use the platform? This fee is designed to restrict bots on the platform.

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The controversial online safety bill came into force in the UK. Which of these is NOT a requirement of the new law?

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Which of these challenger banks saw their shares temporarily suspended from trading after they warned investors about their financial difficulties? The bank later secured enough funding to stay afloat.

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In October, part of HS2 was scrapped. Which section of the track was scrapped in October?

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Which of these fashion companies bought Fat Face for £115 million?

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Which one of these social media companies was sued by 33 US states for causing a mental health crisis in the US amongst teenagers.

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Which one of these fast fashion companies agreed to buy Missguided from Frasers Group?

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The deal between Activision Blizzard and one of these tech companies was approved in October. Which company was it?

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