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Commercial Awareness Quiz - November 2023

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Which one of these measures was NOT announced in the Autumn Budget?

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Which one of these streaming giants bought an additional 33% stake in Hulu to take full control of the company?

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Cider maker Thatchers sued one of these supermarkets for allegedly copying its cider both in design and taste. Which supermarket was it?

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Royal Mail is being sued for £600m by one of these delivery companies for anti-competitive behaviour. Royal Mail allegedly used their monopoly position to force price hikes at this company in 2014 when it attempted to launch its independent postal service. Which company was it?

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Premier League clubs voted against a proposed ban on one of these actions in November. What was the proposed ban?

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Which of these confectionery giants bought Hotel Chocolat for £534 million?

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A consortium backed by one of these billionaires is set to buy the Telegraph. This deal however, sparked concern about foreign influence and is now facing government scrutiny. Which billionaire is behind the deal?

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Which one of these cryptocurrency exchanges settled a money laundering investigation for $4.3 billion? The CEO also agreed to step down and accept personal liability.

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Advertisers pulled ads from one of these social media platforms after its owner reportedly endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Which platform was it?

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Which one of these office space leasing companies filed for bankruptcy protection in November? 

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