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Commercial Awareness Quiz of 2023

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Plans to privatise one of these UK TV stations were scrapped in January. Which station was it?

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Which one of these football clubs was hit with 100 charges by the Premier League in February relating to breaches of financial fair play rules?

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Which of these banks rescued Credit Suisse in March after its dramatic collapse?

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Which supermarket won a trademark lawsuit against Tesco over its Clubcard logo? 

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US law firm Shearman & Sterling agreed to merge with one of these Magic Circle law firms in May. Which one was it?

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In June, CK Hutchinson, the owner of Three Mobile, agreed to merge with one of these mobile network operators. Which one was it?

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Which of these social media giants released "Threads' in July, a platform similar to Twitter?

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Which of these countries was stripped of its AAA credit rating by Fitch? This was due to a decline in the economic outlook and governance standards.

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In September, the Bank of England kept interest rates steady for the first time in 14 meetings. What were interest rates kept at?

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The deal between Activision Blizzard and one of these tech companies was approved in October. Which company was it?

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Which one of these cryptocurrency exchanges settled a money laundering investigation for $4.3 billion? The CEO also agreed to step down and accept personal liability.

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Which one of these companies won its lawsuit against Google in December? They claimed Google operated a monopoly in the app store market for Android.

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Which of these coffee shops lost $12 billion in market value amid a boycott due to its stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict along with ongoing industrial disputes?

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Which one of these newspapers sued OpenAI in December? This publisher claimed OpenAI used their content without consent to train ChatGPT?

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In December, a US Court blocked the state of Montana's proposed ban on one of these social media platforms. Which one was it?

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