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Commercial Awareness Quiz - January 2024

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Who did Apple overtake to become the world's largest smartphone maker holding 20% of the global market?

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Which of these supermarkets won a lawsuit against Thatchers cider, beating allegations that it copied Thatchers’  lemon cider?

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The UK government announced a ban on one of these tobacco products in January. Which one was it?

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Which of these fast-food chains suffered "meaningful business impact" from boycotts against it due to its alleged position on the Israel-Palestine conflict?

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The UK government announced it would create new  legislation to clear the names of wrongly convicted postmasters. Between 1999 and 2015 postmasters were sacked and prosecuted for embezzlement after the Post Office’s system showed missing funds. It transpired that the Horizon IT system, introduced in 1999, was faulty. Which company was behind the faulty machine?

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Which of these measures is being introduced by the EU to prevent customers being misled by companies about green claims?

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Which of these retailers was sued by Uniqlo for allegedly copying their "Mary Poppins" bag design?

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Lawmakers in one of these US states advanced a bill that would ban under 16’s from social media. Which one was it?

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The merger between two of these mobile phone networks is being investigated by the CMA over competition concerns. Which companies are being investigated?

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Which of these tech companies settled a $5 billion lawsuit which alleged that they tracked users’ browsing in private mode?

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