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Commercial Awareness Quiz - February 2024

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Which one of these apps pulled millions of tracks under the Universal Music Group label from its platform? This was due to a dispute over royalties.

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Which of these billionaires completed their purchase of a 27.7% stake in Manchester United Football Club?

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In February, some countries announced that they had entered technical recession. Which of these countries is NOT in recession?

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Which one of these companies was set to face a €500m EU antitrust fine over misconduct regarding its streaming services?

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Which of these media giants announced an investment of $1.5 billion in Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite?

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A UK judge gave the green light to a £3 billion group action lawsuit against one of these social media companies, allowing the case to be heard. Which one was it?


The company is accused of abusing its market dominance by forcing users to provide data from other platforms and products.

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Barclays bought the banking arm of one of these supermarkets in a £600m deal. Which one was it?

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Which of these tech giants is facing a €2.1bn lawsuit over its advertising practices? The company was sued for underpaying European media companies and abusing its dominant market position.

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One of these cosmetics companies fell into administration in February. Which one was it?

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Which of these cryptocurrencies hit $60,000 in February after a sustained rally?

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