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Commercial Awareness Quiz - March 2024

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The company of one of these former US Presidents launched its IPO in March and reached a valuation of $9 billion. Which president was it?

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Which one of these retailers saw their £50 giveaway scheme reviewed by the UK data watchdog due to concerns over data collection?

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Which one of these tech companies was hit with an antitrust lawsuit for allegedly monopolising the US smartphone sector through anti competitive behaviour?

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Which one of these social media apps launched its IPO in March reaching a $11 billion valuation?

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Which of these building societies agreed to buy Virgin Money for £2.9 billion?

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Which of these measures was NOT announced in the Chancellor’s Budget in March?

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One of these smartphone makers began selling their first electric vehicle in March. Which one was it?

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Tesco lost its lawsuit against one of these retailers over the use of its Clubcard Prices logo. Tesco was consequently forced to change its logo. Which retailer was it?

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The US government is mulling over a bill which would force one of these social media apps to either sell its US business to a US company or face a ban. Which app was it?

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Which one of these cryptocurrencies hit a new record high in March of $73,750 per token?

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