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Commercial Awareness Quiz - April 2024

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The US government approved a bill which forces one of these social media apps to either sell its US business to a US company or face a ban. Which app was it?

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Which of these companies dethroned Apple as the largest smartphone maker as its global market share breached 20%?

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Which of these fast food companies bought all 225 of its Israeli franchises in an attempt to restore its reputation amid a widespread boycott? 

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Which of these footwear makers sued Temu for allegedly infringing on its trademark? Temu allegedly sells knock off products and aggressively promotes them on Google, so they reportedly appear before genuine products.

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The £15 billion merger between two mobile network providers was put under Phase 2 investigation due to competition concerns. Which two companies are involved?

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Which of these dating apps was sued for allegedly sharing personal information such as HIV status with third parties?

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The US FTC voted to ban one of these types of clauses in employment contracts. Which one was it?

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Which of these tech giants saw its attempt to dismiss a £785 million group action lawsuit rejected? The lawsuit claims this company is engaged in anticompetitive practices in the app store space. Which one was it?

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Which of these car makers announced it would slash 10% of its workforce but in the same week, also pushed to award the CEO a $56 billion pay packet?

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Which of these supermarkets axed their checkout free technology in the US?

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