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‘Commercial Awareness for Students’ is currently run by two UK law graduates. We understand the importance of commercial awareness and have personally tried developing our own through reading articles from the Financial Times and the Economist. At times however, we found the wide variety of articles overwhelming. Having spoken to other students, we found that many articles are too advanced or niche for the average university student. We then came up with the idea of a commercial awareness twitter page designed specifically for students.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages aim to develop commercial awareness by bringing updates of key headlines and interesting business stories. We carefully select the most pertinent stories for students and share them direct to our followers’ twitter feeds.

Comaware4s.com will post summaries of the key business headlines every week as well as in an insight section where we will post articles on current trends. Our career advice section will provide you with tips and advice on CV’s, interviews, assessment centres and everything else in between. We will also post a commercial awareness quiz every month to allow you test your knowledge of current affairs.

If you have any queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a comment, email us at info@comaware.net or you can contact us through our twitter page or facebook page.



Copyright notice: All articles (insight & career advice) and quizzes posted on this website have been created by us (Commercial Awareness For Students) and we reserve all rights associated to the articles and quizzes on the comaware.net domain, unless stated otherwise.  This content should not be reproduced without our permission.

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